About us

 Our founder, Karen, launched Coco & Salt for South African women (like herself) who wanted beautifully feminine clothing that could handle the heat and humidity of our weather.
Karen set about curating a fun, fresh, and feminine range of bohemian
clothing that bursts with colour and wraps the wearer with lightness and comfort.
Sold online and in selected boutiques nationwide, Coco & Salt has become known for its curated collection of premium, vibrant, and lightweight prints that embody freedom, luxury, and adventure.
The distinctive designs, limited ranges and exclusive stockists ensure that each and every Coco & Salt piece is a unique addition to your wardrobe.  
You will see we often select hand made styles in our range.
Items like our knitwear or hand crocheted pieces, this selection is intentional to both support and celebrate the extraordinary skills of the women artisans who make our clothes and create job opportunities for them.
We  build meaningful relationships with our global production partners and always ensure that their workforce is fairly paid and have safe working conditions.